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  1. This was one of the most touching movies I have seen in a while and cannot wait to see “Union”. People often want to control things and how they happen without consideration for the trama of hardship and the effects it has on a person. “My Brothers War” does just that in an unpredictable and most profound, sincere way. I have often wanted to write a movie about the plight of a North Carolina famer who’s father has union sympathies that cause him to be faced with the choice of killing friends and family while fighting for the union or fleeing the whole damned thing to go west to Virginia City to start a new life. Ms. Hamilton would be a fine choice to direct a movie like this. If this sounds of intrest please feel free to contact me at cornerstonemusicnv@yahoo.com

  2. I just wanted you to know I loved the book Firefly. When I watched My Brothers War I couldn’t believe it ended that way. So went to IMDB to find out more. Found the short to Union online. Also found you were making an actual movie. I am glad, but in some ways I wish you could have gotten the original actress that played Virginia back. Guess 6 years is too long to wait for a sequel 🙂 I look forward to watching this movie once complete. I run a movie theater in Greensboro N.C. And wish it was something that would be played on big screen there.

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