Ambush at the furnace

We’re over half the way through the project!  We have some beautiful scenes.  But we need more help!  We need to raise another $400K.  It has been a long journey starting in 2013—Any and all help is so very appreciated!  We are happy to accept fully tax deductible donations to help finish filming UNION. If you need to make a charitable donation for 2016 why not help support this uniquely beautiful love story set against the backdrop of America’s Civil War and the women who fought behind the scenes.  Thank you for your support!

FAlogo copyWhat is fiscal sponsorship?

For donations by check please make them out to Fractured Atlas and in the memo write Unionmovie LLC.  Mail them to Whitney Hamilton/Unionmovie LLC 340 72nd St. #1, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Or make a paypal contribution to

Interested in investing?  We have a Biz Plan!

For further investment info please contact Whitney Hamilton – 347-200-0211 and Steven Beer, Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo, P.C. | 488 Madison Avenue | New York, NY 10022


Oct. 24th, 2015 we had true to history ferrotypes taken with the amazing artist, Wendell Decker (Vintage Image Studios) while at Old Baker Farm.  Below is Virginia Newcomb who plays Virginia Klaising in the film.

Virginia tintype Wedding tintype

HandV shes got a gunWe just finished a week of filming at the Ward-Crowson House ca. 1821 and Spring Creek PROP farm in Montevallo. August 24th-27th, 2015. We are a little over halfway thru the shooting script!  Help us out by donating or investing to finish this wonderful story!

Red Dragon screengrabs courtesy DP Bill Schweikert.  (No color correct).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Temp track by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerard “Elysium”.

Brien Selma_1.18.1We were able to film the 150th Battle of Selma on April 26th 2015! Col. Brien McWilliams leads the Federal Cavalry through Selma.

Henry SailorWhit as Henry Kieler portraying a sailor at the Battle of Mobile Bay May 24th, 2015


Temp track by Lisa Gerrard, “The Sea Whisperer” from Silver Tree. DP Bill Schweikert.

With Graham Greene, Henry Thomas, Bill Sage, Kim Taylor, Judy Krause, Lorraine Farris and Virginia Newcomb as ‘Virginia Klaising’

The project is also on Slated for investors.  Donate through Fractured Atlas here.  Loosely based on the book, “Firefly“.  See the Prequel filmed in 2004, “My Brother’s War“.  “Like” us on Facebook.

26 thoughts on “Ambush at the furnace

  1. My gosh, Whit. This is an incredibly moving work of art. The chase, the haunting music in the background, and your monologue as you lay on the ground are such heart filling moments that I just sat stunned. Awesome!

    Sam Holman

  2. Whitney,
    When will Union be finished shooting? I would ask when it will be released, but I doubt very seriously it would go to a theater near me in Lexington, NC. So will probably have to wait to purchase it in Blu-Ray or DVD.

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